Bulgarian for foreigners in Varna and online

Bulgarian for foreigners in Varna and Оnline

Learn to Speak Bulgarian

If you want to learn Bulgarian then you have come to the right place! We offer courses in Varna and also online Bulgarian language course for everyone.

We welcome you

Are you learning the basics of the Bulgarian language for you next holiday? Perhaps you’re looking for a head start before studying or working in Bulgaria? Or do you wish to become a fluent Bulgarian speaker? There are many reasons people love to learn Bulgarian. It is one of the world’s most rich and expressive languages. Regardless of the reason let us assure you that it is worth the effort. We have everything you need to get started learning right here.

Worth mentioning

Many people think Bulgarian grammar is complex. It is no more difficult than other languages such as French or German. Quite often it is just not clearly explained. At Educational centrе Accelerated learning /acc-learn.com/ we understand that many English speakers don’t even remember English grammar very well. We will teach you the basics of grammar without getting too technical, just some basic rules to point you in the right direction. We try our best to explain such concepts very clearly.

Lesson 1

In our first lesson you will learn the Bulgarian alphabet. If you can sound out words and place names then you have a huge advantage while travelling in Bulgaria. There are many Bulgarian words that are similar to English they just look different. If you know the Bulgarian alphabet you can also read signs, menus and place names. It may surprise you to learn that the Bulgarian alphabet is easy! Unlike English, the Bulgarian alphabet has one letter for each sound.


Lesson three will teach you basic phrases in the Bulgarian language. By the end of lesson four you will be able to count, say hello and good-bye and order yourself a drink in a Bulgarian bar or café. You can learn the basics of Bulgarian quickly and it will help you an enormous amount while travelling. You will be able to see and enjoy more on your Bulgarian holiday

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Individual course

PackagePrice per ac. hourTotal price
10 ac. hours13 euro130 euro
25 ac. hours12 euro300 euro
40 ac. hours11 euro440 euro

We hope you enjoy learning Bulgarian. What are you waiting for? Start learning Bulgarian now!

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